Sciatica FAQs

Getting Chiropractic Help When Sciatica Strikes

Sciatica is a condition that causes issues such as lower back pain and radiating pain in the hip and leg. The culprit is usually compressed vertebrae in the lumbar spine, but bone spurs on the vertebrae can also cause sciatic pain. At Vaughn Chiropractic, we are familiar with sciatica and how it affects your quality of life. The following is a look at the condition, how it happens, and how our chiropractic treatment helps resolve the pain. 


What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is two of the five major nerves in the body. The nerves branch out from the lumbar portion of the spine, pass through the hips and extend down to the feet. When the vertebrae in the lumbar spine get out of alignment, one or more branches of the nerve are compressed and cause sciatica. Sitting for extended periods of time is a major cause of sciatica, but it can also be caused by repetitive movements to one side, arthritis, a herniated disc, bone spurs on the vertebrae, and narrowing of the spine. 

What Kind of Pain Does Sciatica Cause?

Sciatica can feel like a radiating, tingly pain in the buttocks, sharp shocks in the hip, or mild discomfort in the calf. It is possible to have a combination of these symptoms. Sciatica tends to involve one side at a time, but it is possible to experience pain on both sides of the body. You may have pain in one moment then nothing for hours or days, only to have it return without warning. All it takes is one wrong step or move to push the vertebrae onto the nerve and make it respond with a pain signal. 

What Types of Treatment Make Sciatica Go Away?

You can use over-the-counter pain relievers to stop the pain, but it does not resolve the actual issue of the vertebrae pressing on the nerve. Our chiropractor can help by using gentle manipulation to put your spine back into alignment and taking pressure off the nerve. Combining massage therapy with chiropractic treatment is another effective method of getting relief from sciatica. The chiropractic manipulation puts the vertebrae back into place while massage therapy helps the muscles relax making it easier for you to regain your ability to move freely. 

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At Vaughn Chiropractic, our team can help you find relief from your sciatica or lower back pain with chiropractic techniques and massage therapy. Get in touch with us to learn more or to make an appointment for an evaluation. Find out how we can help you find relief from sciatic pain. 


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