Chiropractic Preventative Care

Chiropractic care, at its foundation, is about improving the quality of one’s life. This is accomplished in chiropractic by helping a patient move toward optimum wellness. In this way chiropractic care differs greatly from traditional medicine in which a patient seeks out care only once they have become sick. It is our main focus at Vaughn Chiropractic, serving Waterford, MI, to help you reach a state of optimum wellness so that symptoms of disease never slow you down.


Start Where You Are

As part of our preventive care plan, patients receive a free evaluation. This evaluation helps us establish a baseline of health for you. Here we can discover how far or near you are to your optimum wellness point and what can be done to keep you at reduced risk of problems. Once we have established this information, we can create a personalized treatment plan which may include adjustments, massage, cold laser therapy, nutrition counseling, and more.  This plan will address any symptoms you are currently having as well as steps that can lead you toward optimum health.

Why Should I Get Chiropractic Preventative Care?

In our society we are conditioned to ignore our health until there is a problem. Unfortunately this is backwards of how we should care for ourselves. By adhering to your health while you are still healthy, you prevent the contributing factors that cause disease in the first place.

Chiropractic preventive care addresses the needs your spine and musculoskeletal system before problems arise. In this way, patients can prevent many of the ailments which trouble people with their back and joints.

Preventive chiropractic care is also more cost-efficient than rehabilitative care. Once there is a problem, it is often more costly to restore you back to a point of optimum health than it is to maintain it in the first place.

What Can I Expect at from a Chiropractor?

Upon your first visit, you can expect an evaluation in which your chiropractor will try to establish a baseline of wellness for you. During this evaluation, it will be determined if you are in need of preventive care or rehabilitative care.

In the case of preventive care, a chiropractor will develop a personalized plan for you. This plan will address any early symptoms of problems for early intervention, adjustments to keep you feeling your best, information on how to keep yourself at reduced risk for future ailments, cold laser therapy for pain relief in some cases, counseling on lifestyle choices for best health, and perhaps nutrition discussion as well.

One great benefit of chiropractic preventive care is the information which your chiropractor will share with you to help you make more educated choices concerning your health.

If you are ready to start your journey toward optimum health, contact us at Vaughn Chiropractic today, serving Waterford, MI.
















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