Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy from Your Waterford, MI, Chiropractor

What do Olympic athletes, expectant mothers, seniors struggling with chronic pain, and people recuperating from acute injuries all have in common? They can all benefit from that familiar, time-tested form of care known as massage therapy. Although many people think of massage primarily as a soothing treat for spa visits, therapeutic massage offers profound health, wellness, and pain management benefits. That's why our two-chiropractor team at Vaughan Chiropractic makes this healing method available to Waterford MI residents just like you.

Massage Therapy from Your Waterford, MI, Chiropractor

How Massage Boosts Your Quality of Life

Massage involves the manual, or in some cases, instrument-aided, manipulation of soft tissues that are suffering from tightness, tension, inflammation, or damage. There are actually several types of therapeutic massage, and the kind of massage you receive may depend on what kind of problem you're contending with. Swedish massage, for instance, is especially good at warming and stimulating the tissues just beneath the skin, boosting circulation to relieve swelling and inflammation. If you're experiencing chronic pain and stiffness, you may need deep tissue massage, which uses firmer strokes to loosen old scar tissue that inhibits muscle motion. If your pain is coming from areas of tight muscle known as trigger points, you may benefit from trigger point massage techniques that relax those areas.

Massage routines can also revolve around the challenges posed by specific life situations. For instance, sports massage can help you limber up the muscle groups you make the heaviest use of in your athletic endeavors, while also helping you recover from punishing exertion. Pregnancy massage uses a special table and gentle techniques to relieve prenatal discomfort and support optimal health for both you and your baby.

An Ideal Companion to Chiropractic Care

Massage therapy can help enhance sleep quality, stress levels, blood pressure, chronic pain management, immune response, and many other health and wellness factors. It's little wonder that we choose to prescribe it alongside our other treatment techniques. In fact, massage therapy can even help you get better results from your chiropractic adjustment sessions. Relaxing your muscles before a chiropractic adjustment helps to reduce those muscles' reflexive resistance to the adjustment, allowing the adjustment to "take" more readily. Massage therapy's effectiveness at taming inflammatory symptoms also makes it a useful part of a larger chronic pain management plan, while its ability to improve circulation aids injury healing.

Do You Need Massage Therapy? Find Out at Vaughan Chiropractic

If you're wondering whether massage therapy can help you move more freely and enjoy a more comfortable everyday life, call Vaughan Chiropractic at (248) 674-4898. Our Waterford MI will be happy to evaluate your needs!


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