Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment Provided by Our Chiropractor

Living with back pain can inhibit us from being involved in the things we enjoy in life. Around sixteen million adults in the United States are living with chronic back pain. Quality chiropractic care is giving such individuals back their life. The experienced doctors at Vaughn Chiropractic in Waterford, MI can help to reduce your back pain and improve your overall wellness.


Neck and Upper Back Pain

Pain in your shoulders and upper back can often be traced to your neck. A dislocated vertebra or ruptured disc can put pressure on a nerve. The resulting pain can radiate to your shoulders and down your arms. By working the dislocated vertebra or a ruptured disc back into place, the pressure will be released from the nerve. Then our chiropractor will treat any inflammation or damaged connective tissues that may be associated with it. 

Lower Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain

A dislocated vertebra or a ruptured disc can occur anywhere along your spinal column. If one of these happens in your lower spine, known as the lumbar section, it can be treated as described above.

Your sciatic nerve departs from your lower spine and branches into two sections. It runs through both sides of your pelvis and down your legs. The pressure put against the sciatic nerve can cause great pain, numbness, and loss of muscle strength. Determining and correcting the cause of your sciatic nerve pain will start the healing process.

Poor Posture and Repetitive Motion Injuries

Hunching over a desk, sitting in an unsupported position, or lifting improperly puts irregular pressure on your back muscles. Eventually, the accumulative effect can cause problems, particularly in your lower back.

Our chiropractor will ensure that your back is properly aligned. We will provide you with targeted exercises to correct any muscle issues. After speaking with you about your daily routine, we can make suggestions about how you can work, stand, and sit in a manner that will improve your posture.

Repetitive motion injuries can cause tears in your muscles and inflammation in your tendons and ligaments. Inflammation will cause nerve pain. Chiropractic treatments such as massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound will reduce the inflammation and assist your muscles to heal.

Back Pain Treatment in Waterford

There are many causes of chronic back pain. Dr. Ronda Marshall and Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn are expert chiropractors that will get to the principle reason for your pain. You can trust the experienced team at Vaughn Chiropractic in Waterford, MI to help you with your back pain. Call us today at (248) 674-4898 to schedule a consultation for your back pain treatment.


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