Knee Pain

When you visit us at Vaughn Chiropractic, you can expect personalized wellness care whether you're seen by our Waterford, MI, Doctors of Chiropractic Dr. Ronda Marshall or Dr. Jaqueline Vaughn. Our goal is to restore function and mobility by finding and treating the root cause of pain.


What Causes Knee Pain?

The knee is a strong hinge joint. It supports all upper body weight and is repeatedly used for leg movements. However, the knee cap, bones, and surrounding tissue gradually wear out from use and become more susceptible to injury or inflammation due to the following:

  • Knee Injuries: Such as knee fractures and dislocations
  • Soft tissue injuries: Muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendon tears, and meniscus tears
  • Inflammation disorders: Knee tendonitis (patellar tendinitis), arthritis, gout, and bursitis
  • Physical abnormalities: Obesity, deep foot arch, flat feet, or a misaligned spine

Seniors, active individuals, and athletes are more likely to experience knee problems and pain. Knee pain, swelling, and stiffness can also occur in children from injuries or disorders such as osteochondritis dissecans and Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Common Symptoms

  • Sudden (acute) or gradual and persistent (chronic) pain
  • A dull ache, sharp, severe, or disabling pain
  • Difficulty bending or flexing the knee
  • Stiffness, swelling, or tenderness around the knee cap
  • Trouble bearing weight on the affected leg
  • Popping, grinding, or clicking sounds when walking

How a "Chiropractor Near Me" Treats Knee Pain

Dr. Vaughn will examine your knee, take x-rays, and run other diagnostic tests as part of a detailed evaluation. Your exact treatment program will depend on the results of these tests, but can include knee adjustments and/or spinal adjustments. These are core treatments we combine with other wellness therapies to relieve pain and increase joint flexibility.

Our chiropractic physician can manipulate and mobilize the dislocated joints and bones to bring them back into alignment. Inflammation and swelling should subside as tissues heal. Correcting spinal misalignments promotes good posture, proper weight distribution, and relieves excess pressure on the knee. Relief is possible after the first treatment session. However, it can take a few days or weeks before you can bend and flex the knee without pain. We may also recommend chiropractic preventative care which can include massage therapy, physical therapy, and corrective exercises. Foot orthotics, proper nutrition, weight management, and posture correction also help prevent pain.

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