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Holiday Stress Management

How to Keep Holiday Stress From Ruining the Season

With the holidays swiftly approaching, it's not uncommon to start feeling anxious. After all, there's so much to be done between coordinating family visits, decorating the house, planning special dinners, shopping for presents, etc. And the stress is often far from just mental. Even if you're not actively running around and moving things, the tension you feel can manifest itself in a variety of physical ways.

While the only surefire way to keep from feeling any holiday stress may be to skip the holidays entirely, the good news is that it's not your only option. By following these tips from Dr. Ronda Marshall and Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn, you can keep your stress levels manageable and enjoy the seasonal festivities.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

We are what we eat, and stress symptoms can actually become more severe when we're not focusing on overall wellness. Sure, there are definitely going to be those days with big meals and plenty of holiday desserts. But this doesn't mean you need to eat unhealthily the rest of the time. Make sure you're eating well-balanced, healthy meals whenever possible, and practice moderation when it comes to treats.

In the spirit of wellness, it's also important to make sure you are getting plenty of physical exercise. Research has shown that stress and anxiety levels are dramatically reduced both during and after exercise sessions. This is thanks to spikes in endorphin levels, and regular physical activity can keep endorphins up for the whole length of the holiday season and beyond.

Don't Ignore Pain

If you find yourself experiencing any physical pain, don't brush it off. Stress often takes physical forms, and it's important to address these symptoms early on and seek out treatment to keep them from getting worse.

Don't add more stress to your plate by trying to handle your pain on your own. Successful treatment comes from seeking the help of experienced professionals.

Make Time to Visit the Chiropractor

It can be tough to find time to visit the chiropractor during the holidays, but this is also one of the times when it is the most important. Not only can physical stress symptoms lead to painful musculoskeletal issues, but these problems can worsen when they go untreated. If there are any other existing spinal problems, stress can quickly make them more serious.

Contact Dr. Ronda Marshall or Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn today at Vaughn Chiropractic in Waterford, MI to learn more about managing your holiday stress symptoms. We're ready to help you achieve a pain-free, relaxing season!


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