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Three Ways Cold Laser Therapy Can Change Your Life

Pain is part of life. It can help to motivate us or clarify our purpose. Pain can also be a healthy way to learn what problems to avoid. As we face winter in Waterford, MI, pain is often something we can't afford. Increasingly, people in the area trust Vaughn Chiropractic to help them with healing and rehabilitation.

For those coping with long term discomfort, the services of a good chiropractor can be their only hope. Surgery and pills often replace old problems with new side effects.

Recovery From A Fall

Low-level laser therapy uses lasers at relatively low frequencies to stimulate cell regeneration. Especially as part of general chiropractic care, cold lasers can help to facilitate healing from injuries. The procedure is proven effective as a therapy for nerve damage and soft tissue injuries.

If you are healing slowly from a fall this winter, cold laser treatment can be part of your recovery regimen.

Joint Aches and Pains

Whether you are suffering from arthritis or ongoing joint pains, these conditions reduce your quality of life. Bodies were designed to move. Reductions in mobility have been proven to negatively impact cardiovascular health and mood.

Adding cold laser therapy on a regular basis can help reduce inflammation and encourage blood flow. Alternative pain management is often safer and more reliable than drug-based treatments.

Coping With Chronic Pain Conditions

As people with conditions like Fibromyalgia or Sciatica know well, your life can revolve around pain. While many of these conditions are currently without cure, sometimes alternative therapies can offer relief. Your chiropractor may recommend regular low-frequency laser care as part of your treatment plan.

Get The Help You Need

Pain is a part of life, but it doesn't have to control your life. Contact Vaughn Chiropractic in Waterford, MI to begin your healing today.


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